We've known that Starvation 4 is on the way for a minute, as Ace Hood has been teasing fans about on his recent leaks like "Clarity." However now the We The Best rapper makes the official announcement, by unveiling the artwork and the release date for the fourth instalment in the series.

Taking to Instagram, Ace shared artwork which features his young son drawing the words "Starvation 4" on a little chalkboard. He explained in the photo caption that this will be the final instalment in the Starvation series, as well as why he decided to put his son on the cover.

Ace wrote, "Starvation 4 the 4th and final installment of my starvation mixtape series.
This is the official cover art for "S4" i chose to put my son on the cover simply because he inspired my growth not only as a father but as a man as well. My daughter "my shining light" a few years back graced the cover of starvation 2 (some may know) so I felt that it was only right to have my son be apart of the the final Starvation Mixtape "S4". Furthermore this tape represent my growth mentally, spiritually, and physically. I'm in a new zone! There's been a lot of questions... where've I been? What I've been working on? Whats going on in my life? All of your questions will be answered on NOVEMBER 3rd "S4". I'm proud of my growth on this project and I know my fans will be too! So sorry for the wait ..so sorry for the inconsistency never again will I let up thats a promise.... it's time!!! "STARVATION 4" NOVEMBER 3rd 2015..... guess who's Back! #HOODNATION"

Check back with us on November 3rd for the full project.