Aaron Rodgers has a small stake in the Milwaukee Bucks so it should come as no surprise that the Green Bay Packers quarterback would be sitting courtside during Eastern Conference Finals. On Thursday, Rodgers was in his usual spot as he cheered on the Bucks who eventually lost to the Raptors by a score of 105-99. The Bucks are now on the brink of elimination which surely has Rodgers sweating a little bit. What had him sweating even more last night though, was the fact that he had to keep up with his teammate David Bakhtiari's beer chugging prowess.

Bakhtiari's ability to down a beer has been on full display throughout the Bucks playoff run with Rodgers rarely following suit. This time though, Rodgers decided to try his hand at chugging a beer and he failed in epic fashion. Rodgers, who was referred to as a Game of Thrones extra by the Bucks broadcast team, could barely get half of his cup down as he sipped like a 15-year-old who is tasting beer for the first time.

Rodgers' attempts at chugging beer were so futile, that rival quarterback Matthew Stafford had to get involved and teach the Packers quarterback how it's done.

With Rodgers' fail and the Bucks loss, all of Milwaukee took a huge L last night. A tough scene indeed.