Talk about a major bummer.

Legendary hip-hop group A Tribe Called Quest made quite the unpopular decision on Saturday night, bailing on their scheduled performance the Outside Lands festival in San Francisco at the last minute. Their slated appearance had already been rescheduled, as they were supposed to take the stage on Friday evening, but additional travel issues meant the group wouldn't be making it out to the Bay Area at all.

According to SF Gate, DJ/producer Claude Von Stroke replaced the rappers during their time slot on the Twin Peaks stage. Many fans were incensed, supposedly chanting "A Tribe Called Quit" as they made their way towards another stage or off the festival grounds completely. "Half the reason I bought this ticket was to go see those guys. I grew up on this stuff," said one fan from Oakland, who was making his way back towards the main stage from Twin Peaks after the announcement was made. "I was here last night to see them, but they got pushed back and I assumed it was a plane flight that didn’t happen so I thought, 'OK, they’ll show up, probably tomorrow.' I bought a three-day pass so it was OK for me, but a lot of people got a one-day."

Venerated rock group Queens of the Stone Age also had to back out of performing at Outside Lands this year due to an undisclosed injury to a member of the group.