50 Cent has been through so much beef, you could probably dedicate a book to the fights he has picked. Throughout his career, he has never been shy to give his honest opinion about fellow rappers. He has mastered the art of the diss song and pretty much wears the crown for being the king at feuding. His moves to out battle his rivals have been smart, conniving and sometimes just plain deep.

Fif can easily be dismissed as someone who just loves to argue, but his history of beef plays a role in his success too. His constant beefing has meant that he has always been in media, keeping us all attached to the next moves in his feuds. At the same time, it's hard to call his battles "publicity stunts" especially when physical scuffles have been involved. 50 Cent is just someone who loves to speak his mind.

A lot of these feuds have now died down. But it's hard to say the rapper's knack for quarrelling is over as his arguing with Floyd Mayweather continues.

Take a look at the history of the King of Beef, 50 Cent!