Over the past few days, there's been a story circulating accusing A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie of scamming a sneaker reseller out of $10K. A Boogie shut down the allegations on his Instagram Story earlier today. 

A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie cleared up rumors that he was involved in scamming $10K from a sneaker reseller. The rapper explained that his former employee, who he recently fired due to the attention of the story, was pulling some shady things behind his back which led to the situation with the reseller. However, A Boogie claims that he tried to fix things with the sneaker reseller, but due to the way he tried to deal with the situation publicly, the rapper is debating whether he should help out "the kid."

"Sorry to the kid who is blaming it on me. I was going to help him but he exposed false information about me which made me change my mind," he wrote before asking his fans whether he should help the reseller. "Matter of fact I won't help him out unless I get an apology. I ain't feeling how he tried to bring me down like that smh. I even told him I'll pay for the mistake another man made but I can see he clearly just wants clout, tf is 10k."

Fans quickly humbled A Boogie and reminded him that $10K was a life-changing amount of money to receive before the glo' up.

“I’m going to help him out,” he wrote. “I get back to NY in one week. He can meet me there and I’ll take care of the mistake$ he made but I Him to clarify that I never did business with him.”

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