Blac Chyna Suing Kardashians Over Reality Show Cancellation

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Blac Chyna is back on the offensive.

Just when Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna looked like they were putting their legal disputes to bed for good, news came out that he was filing a lawsuit against her for allegedly beating him while she was drunk and high. Not only that, Rob also claimed that Chyna caused over $100,000 in damages to the house he has been renting from Kylie Jenner, wrecking walls and busting up a TV in the process. According to the recounting of events from Kardashian, this kind of abuse is one of the major reasons that made E! decide to cancel their reality show, Rob & Chyna. Chyna reportedly lost as much as $92,500 per episode, and now she's taking action to recoup whatever she can from that cash pile.

As per a new report from TMZ, Chyna is taking legal action against the entire Kardashian family, saying that they were responsible for pressuring the network into canning the show and therefore making her lose out on a small fortune. However, sources close to E! say that the notion is completely out of line and there is email evidence to prove their side of the story. Chyna is claiming that the Kardashians were too involved with the production of the reality show that she and Rob starred in, getting to the point where E! thought the conditions were too bothersome to continue dealing with. According to the lawsuit that was filed, the network, production team and stars of the show were all open and eager to shoot another season for the program. However, as far as Chyna is concerned, the Kardashian family used their "power and influence over the E! network to kill the second season."

The network sources say that, since the couple split up at the end of the first season, the renewal that Chyna was hoping for was doubtful from the start. However, to make matters worse for Rob's ex, there is reason to believe that the show was not picked up because she was making the logistics of the production seem impossible all on her own, insisting on not being in the same room as Rob as so forth. E! is rumored to also have cited bad ratings as another reason to not go ahead with a second season.

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Blac Chyna Suing Kardashians Over Reality Show Cancellation
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