It’s been a tough year for DMX. Earlier in the year, the rapper faced some legal troubles due to tax evasion. After failing four drugs tests, the judge placed X on house arrest. House arrest didn’t necessarily work out for him so he ended up opting out to head to rehab. Well, it turns out that the recent stint to a rehabilitation facility has been working out well for X, according to his lawyer.

In a report from TMZ, they said they talked to the rapper’s lawyer about his current status. His lawyer, Murray Richman, said that DMX has made so much progress in rehab that he’s “back to being human again.” His lawyer says he’s currently clean and sober and has already packed on 40 lbs. since checking in. Richman described X as being “nothing but skin and bones” prior to starting treatment towards the end of August. While the program is near completion, his lawyer says he wants X to stay inside of the facility for another 30 days since it’s been working out. The rapper is currently allowed on day trips with his friend to a nearby town. While his lawyer suggests he stays in rehab for a bit longer, they’ll take on the court case once X finishes his treatment in the New England facility.

X’s current legal issues began in July after he caught fourteen counts of tax fraud related charges. The charges amounted to $1.7 million in unpaid taxes that go as far back as 2000. He was previously looking at 44 years in prison if found guilty for the charges. However, he’s since taken the opportunity to better himself. 

The report also says that DMX hasn’t ruled out a tour in the future. It was initially announced that he’d be taking part of the Ruff Ryders 20th Anniversary tour that was scheduled this month. He was even granted permission from the judge to travel, mind you under pretty strict conditions. However, his rehab stint has since gotten in the way. The tour also ended up cancelling a majority of the scheduled shows.

Regardless, it’s good to see that DMX is heading down a better path than he was on before.