It's sad to see a legend struggling to get back on his feet, especially one like DMX, who has made no secret of his demons. Many of his albums featured "Prayers," in which the Yonkers rapper looked to faith to guide him out of the darkness. Conversely, many of them also featured the "Damien" saga, in which X faced off with a literal manifestation of his demons, often succumbing to their whims. Looking back at some of his classic albums, it's clear that X has held nothing back, and many of his lyrics come to take on a different meaning in hindsight.

Sadly, X seems to be succumbing to his demons once again, regardless of any potential legal consequences. The Ruff Ryders rapper initially showed up thirty minutes late to court for his bail bond hearing, and went on to fail four drug tests after testing positive for weed and cocaine. Luckily, the judge must have low key been a It's Dark And Hell Is Hot fan, as he chose not to hit DMX with any prison time. However, DMX has been placed under house arrest, ankle bracelet and all.

From the sound of it, the conditions of his house arrest are quite strict. Here's hoping DMX has a studio in his house, and can get his mind right. If you're a fan, make sure to show some support to DMX in this dark period.

[story via TMZ]