Drake is literally everywhere these days, mostly thanks to his music. His post-2010 discography has slowly taken over the planet throughout most of this decade, but especially since last year and the release of Views, a massively successful album that yielded the hit singles “One Dance,” “Too Good” and “Controlla.” Combine that with the equally impressive success of More Life and you’ve got a musical juggernaut the likes of which hip-hop music hasn’t seen in a long time. However, he’s now known to members of the New York City Parks & Recreation Department for more than just his sonic greatness – apparently they also respect his stature as a Internet meme as well.

Drake Meme Used By NYC Parks & Recreation Department In Presentation

[Image via Spin]

According to a report from Spin, the 6 God’s image was included in a rendering of a new wheelchair ramp that will be added to Brooklyn’s Fort Greene park. The visual was used as part of an official government presentation that went before the city’s Landmarks Preservation Commision yesterday (September 19th) during a public hearing. The laughs continue if you take a closer look at the rendering, which also features fellow rapper Akon standing and laughing nearby the wheelchair-bound Drake. The meme of Toronto’s biggest music personality is well-known in Internet circles, made up of an image from his Degrassi acting. Points to the NYC organization for their pop culture reference as well as their sense of humor.

When asked for an official comment on their use of the meme in the rendering for the presentation, a spokesperson for the Parks & Rec department were similarly coy in their response. “Started from the bottom of Fort Greene Park’s signature hill, now we’re here with the final design, which takes care to create a more welcoming park entrance with improved views.” Drake grew up in Forest Hill, a suburb of Toronto, which may have added another layer to the in-jokes in the statement. It’s a moment of levity in a week or so that has had its share of sadness for the rapper, following the passing of his good friend Anthony “Fif” Soares after two unknown assailants shot and killed him in the lobby of an apartment building.


Drake Meme Used By NYC Parks & Recreation Department In Presentation