Late last week, we reported that one of Drake's OVO affiliates and good friend Anthony "Fif" Soares had died. The 6's most famous music personality was shocked and saddened by the sudden news, captioning an Instagram photo of his fallen brother with, "RIP to one of our family members… our brother… I still cant believe this morning was real. It was a honor to have shared years together andIwill always keep your memory alive #ForeverFif." Now, as per The Toronto Star, area police have released the security footage that captured the details of Soares' death, which was a tragic and brutal one.

Detective Sergeant Gary Giroux, who is part of the Toronto Police's Homicide Unit, said the attack on the 33-year-old Soares as a “very focused” one. The incident went down inside the lobby of a high-rise apartment building at Kennedy Rd. and Glamorgan Ave., soon after Fif had been dropped there by a friend. According to the video footage, Soares is shown in the entrance area of the building, attempting to buzz himself up and open the door, when the two perpetrators run up, firearms drawn. They begin to shoot at him from the outside, bullets careening through the glass doors of the apartment complex. The glass shatters and they continue to fire at Soares, fleeing the scene of the crime later in a white Ford Fusion that was being driven by an unseen accomplice. Police arrived on the scene at around 3 a.m. where Fif was rushed to the hospital with multiple gunshot wounds - injuries he later succumbed to.

This shooting is reportedly the 39th homicide in Toronto this year. Police are asking for anyone with knowledge or information of the situation to share with them through the appropriate hotline channels. Since his death, there has been no follow-up statement of any kind from Drake, besides the aforementioned Instagram post. In this difficult time, our condolences go out to all members of the OVO Sound team and to Soares' family and friends. If any more details surface about the murder or the suspects, who are still at large, we'll share it.