TI Claims Drake Vs Kendrick Lamar Is Most Exacerbated Beef Of All Time

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TIP wants peace for everybody.

TI has got opinions. The legendary rapper has already given J Cole his flowers for bowing out of the Big Three Battle, and affirmed that lying about other rappers in song is an acceptable tactic. He's not done giving his two cents, though. TI recently went on DJ Whoo Kid’s SiriusXM Whoo’s House Podcast, and he decided he had a solution to the ongoing (?) battle between Drake and Kendrick Lamar. The way TIP sees it, the two superstars should come together and do a joint tour.

TI called the Drake and Kendrick Lamar battle "probably one of the more exacerbated beefs" he's ever seen. It's a bold statement, given that he spent most of the 2000s going to war with every other rapper in the South. Regardless, TI has matured and praised both artists for defining their generation. "I got respect for both of them," he explained to the hosts. "I think [Drake and Kendrick are] both phenomenal hitmakers." Where things took an interesting turn is when TI suggested they should set their differences aside for a massive payday. "I’m just waiting on the tour," he noted. "That’s the only thing."

TI Thinks Both Rappers Would Benefit From A "Reunion"

The "Live Your Life" rapper has a rationalization for his bold proposal. He feels like things have gotten so bad between Drake and Lamar that a public reunion is the only thing that would outdo it. All the lies and the hateful bars are cool, but coming together would be even bigger. "Listen, after the disagreement, the only thing that’s gon’ sell is the reunion," he added.

TI isn't the first rapper to suggest Drake, Kenny and Cole should bury the hatchet. Chuck D claimed they go on tour while the former two were still battling each other on wax. The Public Enemy icon stated that they should capitalize on the friction between them and use it for something positive. "These fantastic 3 rappers (I’m biased for KL) have songs that never will get this public attention," he wrote. "Hence this low hanging kid sh*t turns casuals heads... Get them all on a TOUR so we can pick seats." We aren't going to hold our breath on that tour, based on where things left off.

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