Birdman Shuts Down Theories That Hip-Hop Has Become “Soft”

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According to Birdman, violence has only increased.

There's been plenty of discourse about the current state of hip-hop as of late, particularly amid all of the viral rap beef taking place online. It's sparked questions of whether or not hip-hop has become soft, as instead of hashing things out in the streets, artists' new go-to is social media. During a recent appearance on Steve-O’s Wild Ride!, Birdman chimed into the debate, revealing whether or not he believes things have changed since his come-up in the 90s. According to him, things haven't gotten better in terms of violence. In fact, he thinks things have gotten worse.

“F*ck no,” the Cash Money Records icon said of hip-hop becoming soft. “We was cool back then without social media, now these young n***as killing — it’s a different operation. You just got to know how to adjust either way. It’s a different time, from then to now."

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Birdman Says Violence Has Increased

He went on to note that social media makes it easier to start problems with people, and how immediately things can spread. “Back then, we didn’t have social media, so if you got a problem with a n***a, who gon’ know? ‘Cause you ain’t making songs about no n***a, but nowadays with social media, you got a problem, the whole world gon’ know. It’s just a different time and I just hope it get better, bro," he said.

Birdman elaborated, noting how he hopes the violence will come to an end once and for all. “I don’t want to see people losing their lives, ’cause that’s happening," he explained. "Even n***as rapping are not rapping. People really losing their lives over social media.” What do you think of Birdman's take on the current state of hip-hop? Do you agree that it hasn't become soft since he came up in the 90s? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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