Josh Peck Receives Backlash For Silence On Drake Bell Allegations

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While Peck and Bell hasn't been on speaking terms for years, fans expected better from the former co-stars

Josh Peck has received intense backlash for his apparent silence on the allegations of abuse that Drake Bell revealed in the recently released Quiet On Set documentary. In the hours after Bell revealed that he had been abused by acting coach Brian Peck, his Drake & Josh co-star, who is not related to Bell's alleged abuser, was seen posting comedy videos on TikTok. People felt that Peck should have spoken out in support of Bell.

However, Peck and Bell are not close, despite their on-screen chemistry in the early 2000s. Peck has said that the pair did not stay close after their show wrapped. This came to a head when Peck did not invite Bell to his wedding. Furthermore, Peck further distanced himself when Bell was accused, and convicted of, allegations surrounding a minor.

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Drake Bell Says Pedo Claims Are "Literally Going To Kill" Him

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Elsewhere, on April 20 2023, Bell posted a tweet that translated to "Finally in Mexico! I need to make it my home. It's so much better than the US!" However, Bell then chose to respond to someone who replied with "No way, you just increase gentrification." The following day (April 21), Bell promoted his new song, "Going Away", as well as Jennette McCurdy's biography. In replies to his promotion of the book, one user wrote "and i hope you stop touching kids & beating women, but here we are :)."

The tweets calling Bell a pedophile and molester continued throughout the rest of the week. However, the one that has caught people's attention was posted back on April 19. A now-deleted tweet presumably called Bell out. Another user replied, "don't forget he's a pedo." A third user defended Bell saying "he's not though." Bell responded to the third reply, saying "Do a second of research This is what I have to live with everyday they are literally going to kill me. Bloods on their hands…" Drake Bell was not required to register as a sex offender as part of his guilty plea. However, the language directly invoking suicide, especially after the allegations the previous week, was deeply concerning for fans.

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