Tupac's Thug Life: Where Are They Now?

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tupac thug life
NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 25: American rapper, songwriter, and actor (1971-1996) Tupac Shakur poses for a portrait during the 1994 Source Awards on April 25, 1994 at the Paramount Theatre in New York, New York. (Photo by Bob Berg/Getty Images)

Though Tupac's Thug Life rap collection were only active for a brief period, they represent a significant moment in hip hop history.

These days, Tupac Shakur earns widespread recognition as a legend for his profoundly artistic and socially conscious body of work, all created before his untimely death at the age of 25. Although primarily celebrated for his solo catalog, featuring hit albums like All Eyez On Me and Me Against the World, Tupac contributed to numerous group endeavors, releasing several popular records alongside his collaborators. One of his groups, Thug Life, released only one self-titled album before disbanding, which highlights some of Pac's greatest lyrical performances.

Though short-lived, Thug Life represents an important era in Tupac Shakur's life timeline, and the single album produced by the group remains a worthwhile listen to this day. Here's a look at what the other four members of Thug Life have been up to since the group disbanded following Tupac's untimely death in 1996.

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Big Syke Tragically Passed Away In 2016

Big Syke was a frequent collaborator of Tupac, even joining the legendary rapper on several breakout tracks from the album All Eyez On Me. Syke was a member of both Thug Life and Tupac's other rap group, the Outlawz, while also maintaining a solo career spanning four studio albums. In 2016, authorities found Big Syke dead in his California home at the age of 48. Despite his young age, they reported no foul play at the scene, stating that Syke perished of natural causes. The Inglewood-born rapper had suffered from health concerns regarding his heart in the years precipitating his passing.

Macadoshis And Morpheme Have Been Mostly Under The Radar

Macadoshis and Mopreme Shakur, Tupac's stepbrother, founded Thug Life but now appear to no longer seek the spotlight. Like Big Syke, Mopreme was also a member of the Outlawz, and continued to make music for several years after Pac's death. Preme's most recent musical output seems to be a 2007 mixtape titled Black & Brown Pride which he released in collaboration with Los Angeles DJ Assassin. Mopreme maintains an official Instagram account which he previously used to sell NFT images and videos, though he has not posted on the social media app in nearly a year.

Likewise, Macadoshis seems to have quietly retreated from the spotlight, occasionally resurfacing to deliver interviews with rap-centric media outlets. In May 2023, Mac appeared on the YouTube series The Art Of Dialogue, to explain the history of Thug Life, including some never-before-shared behind-the-scenes details.

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The Rated R Is Serving A Life Sentence In Prison

The final member of the Thug Life brand, The Rated R, has gone down a very different road than his peers in the years following the group's split. The former Death Row signee has been serving a sentence in San Quentin State Penitentiary in California since 2004. While details regarding the case that led to R's imprisonment are quite scant, sources across the web claim he is serving a life sentence for committing a double homicide.

Some supporters of The Rated R have expressed the belief that the rapper was acting in self-defense, though these claims cannot be verified. Since his arrival in San Quentin, R is said to have fully converted to Islam and renounced all forms of violence. Rated R was previously considered for bail in 2021, but ultimately denied, leaving his future uncertain at the time of this writing.

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