Christian Wood Granted Restraining Order Against Mother Of His Child

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The restraining order against Yasmine Lopez expires March 20.

Lakers backup Christian Wood has been granted a temporary restraining order again Yasmine Lopez, the mother of his son. Wood claims that Lopez has consistently harassed him since they broke up in December 2022. The incident that seemingly sealed the restraining order was Lopez and friends allegedly breaking into Wood's property and vandalizing his car. Wood claimed that he believes Lopez, who must stay 100 feet away from him, has been using his public work schedule to track and harass him.

Furthermore, Wood made reference to Baddies East star Tee Kissen. After Kissen accused Wood of threatening to assault her, Wood has claimed that Kissen lied to "gain favor in the media". Kissen was caring for Wood's son after Lopez was arrested. However, Kissen claimed that Lopez was simply having a night out. Wood's restraining order expires on March 20.

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Tee Kissen Calls Cap On Christian Wood Claims

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However, fans are still trying to wade through the back-and-forth allegations between Kissen and Wood that emerged last week. Wood's sister hit back at the allegations that Wood threatened to beat Baddies East star Tee Kissen with a shovel while attempting to get his child from Kissen's residence. According to her, Wood was attempting to collect his child. He was doing so as the child's mother, Kissen's friend, had been arrested for vandalism. Wood's sister claimed that his intention was to avoid the child getting caught up in any sort of CPS dispute.

However, Kissen immediately called cap on the claim in the comments of The Neighborhood Talk post reporting on Wood's sister's response. "No b-tch. I walked out my front door and went to Yasmine’s house with the baby so that when she got out of jail she could come straight home to her son. Because your brother threatened to take the baby from her and to never gave him back. When the police was at my house i wasn’t there. But when they contacted me i showed them on FaceTime that the baby was safe with Yasmine the primary parent. While he went up stairs to do god knows what i left out Yasmine’s house to get in the car. You harassed me on the sidewalk saying you know where i live and you wanted to beat me up. I got your threats on camera too babe 😘," Kissen said.

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