Austin McBroom & Catherine Paiz Relationship Timeline

Austin and Catherine McBroom recently announced their divorce. Let's revisit their relationship & how they became YouTube stars. The former couple dominated YouTube since the mid-2010s.

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Almost a decade ago, the YouTuber and entrepreneur Austin McBroom, and social media star Catherine Paiz’s love story caught the attention of millions. The power couple, known for their social media presence and family vlogs, shared their journey with the world at every level. From the early days of their romance to building a family together, they were very open and vocal about everything. Sadly, it seems their love story has come to an end, which evidently took the fans by surprise. Nonetheless, let’s catch up on how they went from lucky in love, to heading down the road to divorce. 

2015: Blooming Love

Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz’s love story started in 2015 when both were carving their paths in the digital world. McBroom, a former NCAA basketball player, and Paiz, a model and aspiring actress, crossed paths at a dinner party. The chemistry between them was undeniable, but according to Austin in an interview with Power 106 in Los Angeles, it took Catherine a while to warm up to him. Catherine responded, saying: “I just wasn't used to like, things happening so quick, and things being so real so quick.”

2016: A Joint Channel, & A Family

In May 2016, Austin and Cat welcomed their first child—Elle Lively McBroom. The birth of their daughter added a new dimension to their relationship and careers as YouTubers. Embracing the joys and challenges of parenthood, the couple launched their joint YouTube channel The ACE Family. The title of the channel was made by using the first initial of their names. 

The pair often documented their lives and adventures on the channel. Their entertaining vlogs, pranks, and challenges resonated with viewers, catapulting them to social media stardom. The channel not only showcased their love but also offered a glimpse into their growing family. As a result, their subscriber count skyrocketed, and they gained many followers on other social media platforms as well. 

2017-2018: Private Wedding, & Baby Number 2

In August 2017, Austin McBroom took the relationship to the next level with a grand proposal. After the pair had gone skydiving and landed safely, Austin proposed to Catherine and the latter said yes. The emotional moment was captured on video, and subsequently shared with millions of fans on their channel, solidifying their status as YouTube faves. 

Joyous, Catherine also shared the news with everyone on Twitter with a video of the ring and a caption reading: “WE'RE ENGAGED!!!!!!!! I'm at a loss for words. The man of my dreams just proposed in the most unbelievable way possible. I love you Austin.” Soon after, the couple got married in a very quiet and private ceremony that same year. Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz also announced they were expecting their second child. In 2018, Alaïa Marie McBroom joined the family, bringing more love and joy into their lives. However, it wasn’t until 2020 that they admitted they had tied the knot. 

2019: Surfacing Scandals

In early 2019, Austin McBroom posted a Snapchat video depicting him purchasing a phallic-shaped lollipop for a girl believed to be a distant family member. The video was subsequently shared on Twitter by a fan, and it immediately sparked criticism. Specifically, many asserted that he was inappropriately sexualizing the child. As more people became aware of the matter, older, now-deleted tweets from Austin began resurfacing. The tweets featured comments he made about women, particularly Black and Asian women. 

Faced with the mounting criticism, Austin took to his YouTube channel to address the controversy with his mother. Despite the controversies, Catherine Paiz remained steadfastly supportive of her man. Eventually, as time passed, rumors soon began circulating that the couple were parting ways after she was spotted not wearing her ring. However, Paiz addressed the matter in a video and stated that she and Austin were not separating. "People may not fully grasp it at times... but he is my soulmate,” she said. “He is my other half, the person I am destined to spend my life with."

In October, another scandal hit the ACE Family when beauty vlogger Cole Carrigan accused Austin McBroom of sexually assaulting her in a Miami hotel. She also claimed that he had tried to force himself on another woman but was unsuccessful. However, McBroom denied the accusations on Twitter, claiming that Cole was simply trying to extort him. He also stated that he would be taking legal action against the allegations.

2020: Austin McBroom & Catherine Paiz Welcome Baby Number 3

In early January 2020, Catherine and Austin surprised fans with the announcement of their third child, the first boy in their growing family. Unlike their previous approach using a video, the couple chose to announce the news through photos on their individual Instagram pages. They also revealed the baby’s gender but refrained from providing any more commentary about the pregnancy on their YouTube channel at the time. The couple eventually welcomed their son, Steel McBroom, in June and also hinted that they were done having kids for now.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - JANUARY 02: Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz attend a basketball game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Oklahoma City Thunder at Staples Center on January 02, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images)

In April 2021, Catherine Paiz was sued by TBL Cosmetics for staging a coup. Paiz had reportedly entered into a contract with the company to serve as the face of their new premium skincare line. However, TBL alleged that she had engaged in a conspiracy with her family and friends to orchestrate a takeover of the line’s management. However, she denied all the allegations. 

Just months later, Austin was sued by the media company LiveXLive. The dispute arose following alleged complications during their celebrity boxing event. The icing on the cake eventually came in 2022, when the ACE Family lost their mansion. According to Insider, the family had received a notice of default from a debt-collection company, indicating a 90-day window to repay $8.7 million to a lender to whom they owed money. Unfortunately, the couple was unable to meet the obligation, resulting in the loss of their house, with ownership subsequently transferred to the beneficiary, 5 Arch Funding Corporation.

2024: The Road To Divorce

A lot of time went by, and the couple were toeing the line between public and private. However, earlier this year, Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz shocked their large fan base when they announced that they would be closing the book on their marriage. On January 11, 2024, Austin took to his Instagram page to share the painful news. “We have mutually agreed to a divorce but will remain a team when it comes to our kids,” he wrote. “We created one of the greatest stories, almost a decade together, so many memories, so many accomplishments but every book comes to an end. And now we will be writing a new book as separate authors.”

The same day, Catherine also confirmed the news on her Instagram account. “We have mutually agreed to a divorce and will part amicably,” she wrote. “Our paths as a couple have shifted and have created challenges that are irreconcilable. This decision comes with a very heavy heart. As heartbreaking as this is, I also feel liberated.” 

Since that time, Austin has been sharing his single life on social media. He recently revealed that he was living in an RV on his neighbor's property close to his former home. Fans are unsure if this is a real break up, but only time will tell.


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