DaniLeigh's Brother Seeks Justice And Wants To Serve DaBaby, But Can't Find Him

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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - JANUARY 26: (L-R) Brandon Bill$ and DaniLeigh attend Universal Music Group Hosts 2020 Grammy After Party on January 26, 2020 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/WireImage)
Brandon Bills has had trouble locating DaBaby to serve him.

It seems like the drama between DaniLeigh's brother, Brandon Bills, and rapper DaBaby is far from over. According to recent reports from RadarOnline.com, Bills is determined to get justice after a physical altercation with DaBaby last year. In recently obtained legal documents, Bills expressed his frustration at being unable to "locate and serve [DaBaby]." To overcome this obstacle, Bills took matters into his own hands by hiring a private investigator to track down the rapper. The report suggests that Bills has even proposed an unconventional method of serving legal documents – by placing an advertisement in the local paper if the investigator fails to locate DaBaby. As of now, a judge has yet to make a ruling on this unique request.

The roots of this legal battle trace back to a heated incident in February 2022 when Bills confronted DaBaby at a bowling alley. The altercation reportedly stemmed from DaBaby's handling of his breakup with DaniLeigh. While DaBaby allegedly threw the first punch, his entourage intervened, leading to a physical altercation. Bills claims he was jumped and they pulled his hair, leading to an unfair fight.

Brandon Bills Is Ready To Serve DaBaby

A lawsuit was promptly filed by Brandon Bills on February 16 in a Los Angeles court, accusing DaBaby of being legally liable for the sudden and unwarranted assault. However, social media remembers everything and is now accusing him of contradicting himself. This is due to the fact that Bills initially announced that he wouldn't press charges, emphasizing that he's not a "snitch" and had no intention of putting anyone in jail. Despite his public stance, the lack of cooperation from Bills created hurdles in the lawsuit. Now, with Bills actively pursuing DaBaby, the legal battle seems to be back on track.

His willingness to serve DaBaby indicates a renewed determination to seek justice for the alleged assault. It remains to be seen how this legal saga unfolds, but one thing is for sure. The spotlight is firmly on DaniLeigh's brother as he pursues retribution in this high-profile case. Some social users thought he should just take the L and move on. "Man take the L and move forward… We all know you got jumped it’s cool… He’s still your nieces dad so he going to be around lol," said one person in the comments. Meanwhile, others came to his defense. "Y’all keep saying he started or he should’ve stayed out of it but that’s literally his sister," another person wrote. "I see who had a man stand up for them and who don’t even know what that even feels like fr."


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