NBA YoungBoy Says He's Going To Turn Himself In And Get Himself Together

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JMBLYA Dallas 2019
DALLAS, TX - MAY 03: YoungBoy Never Broke Again performs during JMBLYA at Fair Park on May 3, 2019 in Dallas, Texas. (Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images)

Fans think he's talking about rehab.

In a cryptic message that sent confusion through the hip-hop community, NBA YoungBoy took to social media to address those attempting to break him. The Baton Rouge-bred rapper recently expressed in a video that he was going to turn himself in. "Meechie baby, man that b---ch think she playing me. Aye, they think they breaking me. I'm gonna turn myself in and get myself together. Aye, these b--ch a-s n---as gonna feel what they made me feel," YoungBoy declared in a candid moment. It left fans speculating about his next move.

The ambiguity of YoungBoy's statement sparked discussions among fans, with some questioning whether the rapper meant turning himself in for legal matters or if he was hinting at a different kind of self-reckoning. The phrase "get myself together" raised eyebrows, leading to a wide range of interpretations. As speculation ran rampant, some fans wondered if NBA YoungBoy was contemplating rehab, seeking a path to personal growth and recovery. The rapper's past has been well-documented, and fans are hopeful that this could be a pivotal moment for him to address any personal struggles head-on.

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NBA Youngboy With A Message

However, a twist in the narrative emerged as fans pointed out the rapper's current legal situation. NBA YoungBoy is currently on house arrest, raising questions about the feasibility of him turning himself in. The juxtaposition of his statement with his current legal constraints left fans intrigued and eager for more clarity. NBA Youngboy has been on house arrest for 2 years now. As HNHH previously reported earlier this month, Youngboy explained that he wanted his house arrest terms altered. “Being confined to his home and unable to complete his employment obligations has led to great anxiety, depression, loss of weight and sleep. [NBA YoungBoy] has been visibly stressed and has expressed concern and loss of hope that he will be able to return to his contracted employment obligation,” the lawyer's statement read.

Overall, the video is just another incident where fans are worried about his mental health. Although he's been using his time on house arrest to be productive and release new music, ultimately fans can see that his mental health is deteriorating. NBA YoungBoy's raw and unfiltered expressions have always kept his fanbase on their toes. And this recent revelation is no exception. As fans eagerly await further updates, one thing is certain. The rapper continues to navigate life's challenges on his own terms. And leaving everyone guessing about what comes next in the ever-evolving saga of NBA YoungBoy.

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