MTLiens Wasiu and Kaytranada Join Forces On "Tabula Rasa"

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The song comes from Wasiu's new Montreal-uniting project.

We heard Wasiu and Kaytranada together on 2015's "Physical," and they've reunited on "Tabula Rasa," a highlight from Wasiu's new MTLiens 2 project. A perfectly simple bassline bounce undertones Wasiu's conversational raps before the song's soulful double-tracked hook brings it all together. If the instrumental seems a bit minimal after hearing Kaytra's recent productions for Goldlink and the like, it's because this is a beat from years back, repurposed for the project. "He doesn't make this style of beats anymore. He's evolved past that. This is the first beat I got from him, back when his producer name was Kaytradamus," Wasiu told Billboard, before revealing that even his raps on the song have been sitting for some time. "I wrote this song during a time period of when I was finishing up my Psychology degree, unsure of if I wanted to be a rapper," he said. "It's one of the first songs I ever made."

Vintage collaboration or not, the song plays an important role in the project, which aims to unite the many great talents of the Montreal music scene in one place. "I went out and got most of the veterans and pieces whom make the scene what it is,'" he says of MTLiens 2. "I couldn't get everyone, but I think I got a good 96% of them. Everybody on MTLiens 2 for sure makes any "Best Artists From Montreal" list that any blog may post in the future. And that's what this all is... Yeah, it's my album- but it's more than just that. It's an MTL Album. It's MTL United under 1 Roof. This is Piu Piu. This is Artbeat."

The full project is available for stream across all major streaming services.

Quotable Lyrics:
I'm shadowboxin' with my enemy
I may weather the storm
But drain my energy
It's like a slit my throat
With broken mirrors, mentally
I'm the only one I see
Who is my enemy

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