Tommy Fury Gives Brutal Prediction For KSI Fight

Fury doesn't see KSI escaping the first round.

BYBen Mock

Tommy Fury didn't mess around when talking about his upcoming fight with KSI. "KSI will be lucky to get out of round one. I'm sick of playing games with these guys. He's going to get obliterated," Fury said in a recent interview. The fight between the YouTuber and Fury is set to be a co-headliner with the Logan Paul-Dillon Danis fight on October 14.

Fury's comments come a few weeks after KSI gave a very anime-esque monologue during a face-off between the two fighters. "When I beat you, with every year that you breathe, that day will be a constant reminder that you lost to a YouTuber. You can train all you want, it won't matter. Soon you will face reality and it will hurt you. You will be a disgrace for the Fury name and your boxing career will be destroyed when I'm through with you. You don't want this as much as I do, you don't need this as much as I do. No pressure, mate. I'll see you soon," KSI said before ending with his best villain laugh.

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Jake Paul Predicts Fourth Round Knockout

Meanwhile, other figures have started to weigh in on the fight. While Jake Paul believes that the fight will go beyond the first round, he is still eyeing a victory for Fury. "Well, I think it's a win-win for [KSI]. He gets the money. Even if he loses, then it's like 'Okay, whatever. Me and Jake both lost to Tommy. Then, we can still fight.'But if he were to just fight me and I win, then it's like he's just, like, done. You know, let's just say that there's this chance that he clips Tommy with his wild style and catches him. It's boxing! I think Tommy TKOs him in the fourth round."

Elsewhere, KSI has also been called out by Ryan Garcia. "KSI is so salty on me for no reason He can’t go the distance with me like he claimed. He’s a 7 head monster. Stop speaking my name. @KSI," Garcia wrote on X following a back-and-forth between the two men. KSI had come after Garcia after it was announced that Garcia's year-ending fight against Oscar Duarte would not be a pay-per-view event. After Garcia said he did not want to "rob his fans", implying an easy win for himself, KSI suggested he had already robbed his fans following his loss to Gervonta Davis earlier this year.

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