Micah Parsons Slams Bart Scott For Tasteless Joke About Trevon Diggs Injury

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New York Jets v Dallas Cowboys
ARLINGTON, TEXAS - SEPTEMBER 17: Micah Parsons #11 of the Dallas Cowboys walks off the field after the win over the New York Jets at AT&T Stadium on September 17, 2023 in Arlington, Texas. (Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images)
Scott is facing a lot of heat for making light of a season-ending ACL tear.

Micah Parsons has lashed out at ESPN analyst Bart Scott after the former linebacker joked about Trevon Diggs' season-ending ACL tear on First Take. "Wtf ?? He ole hating ass old head!! Lame asf!! This why I really don’t like talking to dudes in the media!! As a former player you are a lame asf bro! Just facts joking bout a man trying to feed his family and building a legacy! ESPN gotta stop letting corn balls on tv!!," Parsons tweeted alongside a clip of Scott's joke.

However, Parsons was not the only person to put Scott in his place. Additionally, Scott was immediately reprimanded for his comments by Stephen A. Smith. "This is a season-ending injury," Smith said sternly as all the life drained from Scott's face. You know it's bad when Smith puts on his quiet, angry voice. In the wake of the joke, a number of people have called for Scott to be fired, or at least reprimanded by ESPN. It's safe to say that he's likely not being invited back to First Take any time soon.

Parsons Blasts The Giants

However, Bart Scott is not the only person that Parsons has taken aim at recently. After Parsons' Cowboys beat the Giants 40-0 in Week One of the NFL, Parsons had some stern words for the Giants for keeping Daniel Jones in the entire game. "It's called protecting your guy -- something I thought the Giants should have done. I don't think Daniel Jones should have been in that game in the fourth quarter. I thought they should have protected him and pulled him out. Barring injury, their season would be over without Daniel Jones," Parsons said on his podcast.

The Cowboys got to Jones seven times during the game, with Parsons himself recording a sack and two QB hits. Despite talking a big game through the offseason about how the Giants had turned a corner last season, the team was completely buried in Week 1. "I do not agree with Daniel Jones staying out there until that last drive, I thought that was wrong. I thought that was deceiving. That's your franchise quarterback, and he's out there with a backup offensive line still getting sacked and hit. I just didn't understand. Maybe it was a prove-it moment by the Giants -- I have no idea -- a learning lesson, who knows. But I thought Daniel Jones should have got pulled out," Parsons added.


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