As we inch closer to the fall season, the time for new tech roll outs and updates ramps up considerably. Nearly every major player is in the process of showcasing their new devices and software features that will be available to consumers in time for the 2017 holiday rush, and Apple is no different. Their new operating system, iOS 11, will be dropping next week on September 12th, according to the U.K. publication The Sun. The beta version is already available for download to your iPhone or iPad, but you need to sign up to become an official Apple software tester in order to access it. The release of the new iOS comes just before the rumored release of the new iPhone 8 later on this month as well. With so much anticipation building up about the new drops from the tech giant, let’s run through what we know for sure about iOS 11:

Screen Recording

Perhaps the most talked-about feature of the new iOS has been the screen recording feature, which will supposedly operate exactly how it sounds. A device running iOS 11 will be able to capture all the activity happening on your screen in real time, allowing you to share the feed conference-call style or save it for later and send to your friends or co-workers that way. It’s definitely a facet of the software update that has a lot of creatives and business professionals excited.

Shared Wi-Fi

There will be a new WiFi sharing feature on the next Apple operating system. At this time, if you want to connect to someone’s network, you have to select the given access point on your device and then type in a password that’s usually pretty complicated. However, in iOS 11, if an Apple device wants to connect to your Wi-Fi network for the first time, a notification to “Share Your Wi-Fi” will appear. You can then press the “Send Password” button and the other person’s device will automatically connect to the network in question – no typing necessary.

Driving Safety Upgrade

Texting and driving is becoming an increasingly deadly hazards out on the roads and Apple is taking steps to curb that bad habit for iPhone or iPad users. A device running iOS 11 will block text messages and/or social media posts while you’re driving as part of the new upgrade. No information is deleted, but notifications are simply hidden while you’re behind the wheel. There’s no getting around it easily while you’re driving either – if you attempt to view your screen while in motion, the device will only show you a blank screen. It’s not a total lockdown though, with an option to allow certain contacts through the barrier and have their texts or messages visible regardless of the feature running.


Apple's iOS 11 Release Date, Features And Beta Install Details Revealed