Esports Team To Hold "Street Fighter 6" Tournament In Literal Sauna

Talk about sweaty gameplay.

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David Beckham's esports org Guild Esports is taking a novel approach to rounding out their Street Fighter 6 roster. Cammy main JoKeR JoKeZ, Ken main Takamura, and Chun-Li main Vegapatch are already signed with Guild. However, the org has designed to host a unique tournament to determine their fourth and final SF6 star. An incredibly lucrative scene is already forming for the newly released game. As well as a wealth of Tier I and II tournaments in the coming months, it was the headline event at Evo 2023 earlier this month.

But back to Guild Esports. Next week (August 31), Guild will be hosting a special tournament to determine who gets their final roster spot. Per a press release, eight players have been invited to take part in "The Sweat Box", which will be broadcast on the YouTube channel of Sky Sports. However, "The Sweat Box" is much more than a cutesy name. Instead, it's a very accurate description of the playing conditions for the tournament.

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"The Sweat Box" Is An SF6 Tournament In A Literal Sauna

"The Sweat Box" will be held in a climate-controlled environment at Guild's headquarters in London. However, more specifically, that climate will be maintained at a toasty 150°F. That's equivalent to the low end of a standard sauna. Additionally, the tournament will feature beloved community casters Tyrant, Damascus, and F-Word. However, players will have to contend with the heat or get out of the kitchen. It is certainly one of the more unique tournament ideas in recent memory.

While the eight players selected for "The Sweat Box" have not been named, the winner amongst them will earn Guild's final pro contract for the game. Whoever it ends up being will join a fairly strong stable of players. JoKeR JoKeZ finished third at the Brussels Major earlier this year. Takamura recently earned a top-12 finish at Gamers8. Meanwhile, VegaPatch recently won the WorldWarrior Spain and Portugal event. It's a team with a high ceiling, especially as the scene solidifies and metas begin to emerge.

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