The R. Kelly sex-cult saga continues, and honestly, it gets creepier with each passing revelation. After a revealing report from Jerhonda Johnson (one of Kelly’s alleged victims) shone a light on some of the singer’s oft-discussed antics, Kelly and his camp issued a statement denying any wrongdoing. However, after all the accusations continue to build, it’s hard not to think that there’s something nefarious at work. “Get Out” meets “Dracula” meets “Trapped In The Closet.” 

The most recent development finds the Savage family rolling up on Kelly’s manor with a police escort, with the intention of checking on the well being of their daughter. In some footage provided by TMZ, the Joycelyns stand on the outskirts of Kelly’s manor while the police linger by the entrance. Apparently, after Kelly essentially ignored their request to see Joycelyn, the family escalated their pressure and brought the cops in to do a welfare check. The Savages are certain that their daughter is being kept in the house against her will, and show no sign of backing down.

Apparently, a woman answered the door and told police that Joycelyn was not home at the moment, which in itself somewhat strains credulity. The report does not specify whether Kelly was present. However, TMZ alleges that police were able to get a hold of Joycelyn via FaceTime, who ultimately continued with the whole “I’m fine, leave me alone,” routine. While this could, in theory, be a simple misunderstanding, there’s no denying that the story is becoming increasingly bizarre. 

Just looking at the secluded nature mansion does invoke a few dark thoughts, mainly that this shit is straight out of a horror movie. From a simple sweep of various online reactions, it seems as if a large number thinks Kelly is being unfairly targeted and that the Savage family should ease off their attack. Perhaps it is all a massive misunderstanding, but if not, well…

Somebody get Jordan Peele on the phone. 

R. Kelly

Police Hit R. Kelly's House To Speak With Joycelyn Savage