These days, it feels like people talking "6ix9ine this, and 6ix9ine that" has become a harsh reality for the rapper. Unfortunately, the news hasn't exactly been positive across the board for the rainbow-crowned youngster. The bulk of his recent woes kicked off earlier this year, when he was cruising a Texas mob with Ugly God; a "fan" closer to a fanatic proceeded to run up on him, calling him a "gay ice cream truck" among other choice insults. The young man's fightin' words got him a Tekashi chokehold for his troubles; luckily no use of the "mandible claw" transpired. While it seemed like the incident would simply blow over, the assaulted party proceeded with pressing charges.

As a result, Tekashi was booked upon touching down on North American soil, briefly incarcerated, released, and directed to Houston to settle his legal affairs. Now, TMZ has confirmed that 6ix9ine has surrendered to Houston authorities. Unlike the past week, however, Tekashi was not incarcerated, instead posting a $5K bail and leaving a free man, at least for the time being.

Now, it is being confirmed that the arraignment is scheduled for Friday, though TMZ seems to believe that 6ix9ine will be appearing in court as early as today. Say what you will about the young rapper, but it feels like the incident is certainly proving to be a thorn in his side. Should he be found guilty for misdemeanor battery, a maximum sentence of one year may be in his tea leaves. While he is quick to dub himself "king of New York," he mustn't forget, the crown lies heavy. Even atop a rainbow.