Madison Beer Rips Into "Fan" Following Horrendous Body-Shaming Comments

They said WHAT to Madison!?

BYHayley Hynes
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Madison Beer, a renowned singer and Twitch streamer, recently made headlines when she stood up to a body-shaming troll. The incident sparked a widespread online discussion about fan behavior and the prevalence of body-shaming on social media platforms.

Beer, who has been a social media sensation for years, has amassed over 18 million followers on TikTok and 37 million on Instagram. She ventured into streaming on Twitch in June 2023, attracting a new audience and, unfortunately, some negative comments.

The Body-Shaming Comment

One particular comment, however, pushed Beer to respond. The troll, hiding behind the anonymity of the internet, made a derogatory remark about her weight. He advised her to do cardio because, according to him, men prefer skinny girls. He complimented her face but insisted that men love a thin-waisted girl.

Madison Beer: Her Retort

Unfazed by the body-shaming comment, Madison Beer retorted with a sharp response about the troll's own appearance. She stated, "I wouldn't touch you with a ten-foot pole if you paid me a million dollars." This response went viral, with many applauding Beer for standing up to the body-shamer.

The Fan's Response

Madison Beer is seen outside "Good Morning America" on April 24, 2023, in New York City. (Photo by Raymond Hall/GC Images)

The troll, taken aback by Beer's response, took to his Instagram stories to express his disappointment. He revealed that he suffers from b*polar disorder and depression, and that Beer's response had broken his heart. He claimed to have always supported Beer despite not being a fan of her music and accused her of being rude to her fans.

Madison Beer: The Aftermath and Online Debate

Madison Beer is seen arriving to the Celsius Coachella party on April 14, 2023, in Indio, California. (Photo by Rachpoot/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

The incident has sparked a significant online debate about parasocial relationships with influencers and rampant body-shaming on social media. Critics argue that fans often feel entitled to comment on every aspect of a celebrity's life, including their physical appearance, without considering the potential harm their words can cause.

This is not the first time Madison Beer has faced body-shaming. She reportedly deleted a video in May after a troll criticized her bikini body. However, her recent response to the body-shaming troll has been hailed as a powerful stand against body-shaming, encouraging more people to speak out against such behaviour.


In a world where body-shaming is rampant, especially on social media platforms, Madison Beer's response serves as a reminder that everyone, regardless of their public status, deserves respect and should not be subjected to unsolicited comments about their body. It's a wake-up call for everyone to be more mindful of their words and actions online.

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