Nick Young Says Draymond Green Tried To Punch Him Like Jordan Poole

Things continue to get worse for Green.

BYBen Mock
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“I don’t just hit people,” Draymond Green said on Patrick Beverley’s podcast this week. “Dialogue, of course, happens over time, and you usually ain’t just triggered by something that fast, to that degree. This is a team, ain’t nobody on my team triggering me in an instant. We know stuff that you don’t say amongst men, we know things that you have to stand on.” Green was referring to his viral fight with Jordan Poole last year. His comments led Poole’s father, Anthony, to respond in kind. “I’m stand on this that’s is some bs. Jp was his guy and he avoid me all last yr. He is a soft as bitch and I’m standing on this and he didn’t apologize to me and my wife. So he l*me and me and him can meet anytime he want.”

Draymond didn’t take this lightly, shooting back with a threat of his own. “That’s so cute… it’s impossible to avoid you an arena for a year champ. I got get my family from that family room every game. And stop using those words, they usually don’t go over well amongst men.” Eventually, Jordan Poole also got involved, posting a video that appeared to show him working out at St. Mary’s College of California. Also included in the story post, which was playing “bottom” by Gunna, were a handful of lyrics. “Came from the bottom/ Now the fans, they spot him…” Furthermore, Poole went out of his way to add additional captions for the lyrics “Talk of the topic” and “Find you a hobby”. Additionally, Green reportedly has beef with his current teammate, Jonathan Kuminga. So much for the not just hitting people line. Well, things are just continuing to get worse for the veteran.

Nick Young Claims Green To Punch Him

Enter Nick Young, aka Swaggy P. The former NBA player and current BIG3 Team Captain had a colorful pro career that included a year on the Warriors. It all began when a Twitter account posted a video, seemingly taken from a Warriors practice, that appeared to show Draymond Green taking a swing at Young. Someone tagged Young for an explanation, which Young was more than happy to give. "Draymond try that same punch with me lol ist something about corner dudes he hate lol."

While it's unclear if Young, ever a fan of the dramatic, is exaggerating what happened between him and Green. However, if the video is proof of anything, it's that the Jordan Poole incident was not an isolated incident. It appears that Green has something of a history of lashing out at his teammates. Despite this, Green has not responded to Young's claims.


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