OnlyFans Boxer Refutes Claim She Was Banned For Flashing Celebration

Daniella Hemsley bared all after winning a Kingpyn boxing match on July 15.

BYBen Mock
Daniella Hemsley

Daniella Hemsley caused a stir on social media on July 15. Hemsley appeared to flash her breasts in celebration after winning her semifinal fight at a Kingpyn Boxing event in Dublin. Hemsley, a popular creator on OnlyFans, had just defeated Ms. Danielka in their loser's bracket bout. As an interviewer approached, Hemsley lifted her top, exposing her breasts to the crowd.

The flashing celebration has begun to grow in popularity amongst fighters in smaller promotions. However, Hemsley's didn't appear to sit well with Kingpyn. The promotion subsequently released a statement apologizing for the incident. Furthermore, Kingpyn stated that Hemsley would not participate in the finals of the event. Additionally, the statement said Hemsley would be "taking some time away from boxing." To many, this appeared to suggest that Kingpyn had barred Hemsley because of her post-fight stunt.

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Hemsley Addresses Flashing And Rumored Ban

In a video posted to her YouTube channel, Hemsley took the time to address both the flashing and her rumored ban from Kingpyn. “Everything has gone cr*zy. I hope you’ve all had a really good weekend and I hope you’ve really enjoyed this weekend’s antics. [I hope] you’ve enjoyed my win, seeing me get my first win and I really hope you enjoyed the celebration after. I have the funniest story to tell you guys about that," Hemsley began. "I’m in the dressing room before my fight. I’m stickering up, guys. Like, I actually had flame nipple stickers. I was only gonna pull my top up if I won. With my flames, you know, because ‘girl on fire’ sorts of vibes. I won my fight, I pull my top up and the stickers got stuck in my bra so the whole world saw my tits. My tits were out to everyone.”

Furthermore, Hemsley clarified that she had not been banned and that Kingpyn's statement was simply misleading. “After my fight, [I] came out, got into the medical room and I’m being checked out by the doctor,” Hemsley said. “He’s doing the eye checks, the everything checks, and he’s taking my wraps off on my hands and I said to him, ‘I think I’ve broken my thumb.’ I literally even now I can like barely move it and I think I’ve also broken my elbow, I literally can’t straighten it. Which brings me on to say, there is a lot of speculation in the media at the moment about me being banned. I am not banned from Kingpyn, I have simply decided to take a few weeks off from training. [This is in order] to recover my body. I plan on coming back fighting again hopefully in the winter.”


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