Draymond Green Feuds With Jordan Poole's Father After Punch Comments Back-And-Forth

Draymond Green ain't playing.

BYBen Mock
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Nearly a year after it happened, people are still talking about Draymond Green punching Jordan Poole. The incident happened during a preseason Warriors practice in 2022. Cited by head coach Steve Kerr as one of the reasons why the team wasn’t a contender this past season, it’s one of many stains of the Warriors’ most recent campaign. Poole was traded to the Wizards this offseason in a deal that brought Chris Paul to the Warriors. “I don’t just hit people,” Green said on Patrick Beverley's podcast this week. “Dialogue, of course, happens over time, and you usually ain’t just triggered by something that fast, to that degree. This is a team, ain’t nobody on my team triggering me in an instant. We know stuff that you don’t say amongst men, we know things that you have to stand on."

After the clip of Green went viral, Jordan Poole's father Anthony responded. “I’m stand on this that’s is some bs. Jp was his guy and he avoid me all last yr. He is a soft as bitch and I’m standing on this and he didn’t apologize to me and my wife. So he lame and me and him can meet anytime he want,” Poole said on Twitter. Now Green, looking to bounce back from falling for a fake tweet, is full-on beefing with the elder Poole.

Green Claps Back At Anthony Poole

"That’s so cute… it’s impossible to avoid you an arena for a year champ. I got get my family from that family room every game. And stop using those words, they usually don’t go over well amongst men," Green tweeted back at the elder Poole. If Anthony wanted a fight, he's certainly found one in Green.

However, he's not the only person that Green has tried to fight today. After falling for a fake quote posted by a parody Twitter account, Green briefly squared up with Kevin Garnett. “I tried you when I was a rookie KG, and you started talking to yourself like I wasn’t talking to you. What’s that like? The freshman picking on a senior citizen that’s double his size?” Green tweeted in a now-deleted post in response to the fake quote. Garnett, who caught it as a fake post, refused to engage and instead called out Elon Musk for Twitter's jank verification system.


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