Pusha T has confirmed that his upcoming album King Push is coming soon, but he’s been taking his time to get it right. The GOOD Music president gave an update on his long-awaited studio album at Philly’s Made In America festival Sunday, revealing that Kanye produced it “top to bottom,” and that it’s been scrapped and remade multiple times.



“I’m gonna go ahead and let y’all know,” he said. “I’ve done this album like three times, right. [Kanye] come in, he pick all the beats and shit. Then he hears the beats and he scraps them and says ‘I can do better.’ He’s done that shit like three times.”

Earlier this year, it was reported that Pusha played an important role in Kanye’s Wyoming sessions. From the sounds of it, the two were working not only on Kanye’s material, but Pusha’s as well. “These last few months, we’ve been locking in day for day, night for night, getting this album perfect for y’all,” said Push. “Just to take it a bit further — that’s the luxury — when you’re on your rap superhero shit, you get the luxury of taking your time and being great. I’m gonna take my time and get this shit right for y’all.”

Back in 2013, Pusha said he was hitting the studio to work on King Push with longtime collaborators The Neptunes, so it seems the album had changed already changed shape before Kanye began workshopping it recently.

When we heard from Push in June, he was confident that the album would hold a lot of Kanye production, and he was pretty excited about it. “I’m telling you! I’m giving you the science, good beats! Craaaack!” he said. “Great beats! Great super-producer beats! Amazing beats. Like, amazing, amazing beats…You know, great beats!” No word on which batch of the three batches of instrumentals he was referring to at that point.

Pusha’s last full length album was 2015’s King Push: Darkest Before Dawn, which was billed as something of a prequel to the proper King Push.