Dr. Phil has created a monster. 

Wherever Danielle Bregoli goes, ratchet fights are sure to follow. Since she and her catchphrase, “Cash me ousside, how bow dah” — which she uttered during a September episode of Dr. Phil, became an unmissable meme last month, Danielle has stayed in the headlines due to a series of scuffles that have been caught on camera. This time, she wasn’t directly involved in the violence, though it seems the ladies she hangs with are just as hot-tempered as she is. 

Danielle and two of her friends were in downtown Lake Worth, FL on Saturday night, when they got into a verbal altercation with a group of bar patrons sitting on an outside patio. “You fuckin’ crack whore, you want some crack?” Danielle shrieks, before one of her friends makes her way over the tables. The same friend is next seen dragging another woman onto the road, prompting Danielle and the rest of her crew to scamper away. 

Several seconds later, another curbside brawl — this one involving grown men — breaks out. Apparently cops showed up at the scene, but Danielle and her friends were long gone when they arrived. 

Will this meme spawn even more violence? Watch the latest melee below, via TMZ. 

Cash me ousside

Cash Me Ousside Girl Incites Another Brawl