Cardi B Misses Normalcy: "Having Everything GETS BORING"

Cardi revealed that she sometimes misses her "old life."

BYCaroline Fisher
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Cardi B recently took to social media to respond to a fan asking questions about her new remix alongside Latto. She revealed in her response that despite her achievements, she misses her old ways of life. She went on to brush off the feeling as "part of growing up," before continuing to hype the song.

"Okay last thing when is cardi gonna transition to full millionaire like why are you posing with guns and things in the put it on the floor again remix video," a Twitter user asked. They added, "who escapes the hood just to relive it every chance they get." "You wanna know wats so crazy?" Cardi begins her reply, "I was tearing the other day Cause I miss my old life." She went on to claim, "Sometimes having everything GETS BORING," adding, "But I won't complain it's not about me anymore." "This is part of growing up and bout my kids," she explained. She finished her response with "but yea PUT IT ON THE FLOOR!!!"

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Cardi Says It's Not About Her Anymore

Some users didn't like Cardi's explanation. "Girl bye it’s people out here hungry," one wrote. "hahaha sometimes having everything gets boring ….. yeah okay," another added alongside an eye-roll emoji. A different commenter simply said,
"Girl please." Some of Cardi's fans came to her defense in the comments section, however, with one claiming, "She still human, she wasn’t a snobby brat that was born rich."

Earlier this month, the rapper also gave her fans a glimpse into her daily life as a "regular person." On Wednesday, she toured her garage on social media, revealing a red Ferrari SUV gifted by her husbandOffset, as well as a black Maybach SUV, and more. In the video, she said the cars are “Just collecting dust," adding, "we might as well just sell the f***ing cars." She continued, repeating, "We might as well just sell the f***ing cars," and saying, "Oh my God, look at my f***ing Maybach.”

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