Jay-Z To Receive $6.8 Million For Parlux Lawsuit

Parlux must now pay Jay-Z for unpaid royalties.

BYCaroline Fisher
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Jay-Z is set to have a big payday soon, after fragrance company Parlux lost it's appeal to a 2021 court ruling. Jay-Z had countersued the company in 2016 for unpaid royalties after they sued him for allegedly breaching his contract. Courts determined Jay-Z was the party owed money, and Parlux later appealed the decision. Courts confirmed today that they stand by the original ruling, meaning Parlux now owes Jay-Z $6.8 million.

Parlux sued Jay-Z in 2016, claiming the artist refused to follow through with his end of a fragrance partnership. They were seeking $67 million, accusing the artist of breaching his contract. He later countersued Parlux, claiming they gave him inaccurate information on the financial health of the company and failed to pay him the royalties he was owed for their partnership. A 2021 trial saw a court determine that Jay-Z didn't owe Parlux any money, and instead Supreme Court Justice Andrew Borrok ruled that the company owed him $6.78 million in unpaid royalties. Parlux later appealed the 2021 ruling and lost, meaning Jay-Z will now be the one to receive a massive payout. The company can still appeal the court's decision, however, there's been no indication that they plan to do so.

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Jay-Z attends the Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Ceremony for DJ Khaled on April 11, 2022 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

The Parlux lawsuit wasn't the only legal battle Jay-Z has been dealing with as of late. In February, he reached an agreement with Bacardi after the rapper sued the drink company in 2022. He tried to buy out his brand after claiming that Bacardi mismanaged D’Ussé. He later sued the company for information after the two parties couldn't reach an agreement. His team requested that Bacardi provide “all books and records, the location of all warehouses storing D’Ussé barrels, bottles and accessories." They also requested "all info regarding Bacardi’s physical inventory and its inventory process.”

Jay-Z shared a statement following the new agreement. He said, “Growing D’usse over the past decade from an idea to one of the fastest-selling spirits in history has been a blessing.” He added, “The next phase of this journey will further cement D’usse’s legacy as one of the world’s most respected brands. I am excited to renew this partnership with Bacardi.”

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