Floyd Mayweather Jr. Shows Off Fleet Of Cars

The iconic boxer has some equally iconic rides.

BYBen Mock
Floyd Mayweather Jr. Shows Off Fleet Of Cars

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is an iconic boxer. Also known as "Money", "Pretty Boy", and "TBE", Mayweather Jr. defined an era of pugilism. He went 50-0 in a career that spanned two decades. The last time Mayweather professionally stepped into the ring was in 2017, when he downed Conor McGregor. Since then, he has participated in a number of exhibition fights. He is next scheduled to fight in June 2023. His opponent will be John Gotti III, an MMA fighter and grandson of famed New York mobster John A. Gotti.

However, outside the ring, Mayweather Jr. is synonymous with luxury and expensive tastes. Befitting his "Money" nickname, Mayweather Jr. is not afraid to spend. He owns a NASCAR team. However, he has also faced legal issues and public scrutiny over his involvement in cryptocurrency. But perhaps the best-known aspect of Maywather's wealth is his love of expensive cars.

Mayweather Jr. Shows Off Part Of Car Collection

Mayweather Jr. showed off some of his collection in a recent Instagram post. "The Money Team got homes all over the planet. At this particular property it’s 17 cars in a 30-car garage. The two other garages hold 5 cars each. I like to call it May Theft Auto," read the caption. Mayweather's collection is impressive in terms of the luxury cars on display. However, there is one noticeable feature that puts a dampener on the video.

Every single car that Mayweather Jr. shows off in the video is in black. While this works for the likes of a Rolls, Bentley, or Jag, it's more questionable for other vehicles on display. For example, Mayweather Jr. shows off a black Ferrari, which feels completely out of place given the car's place in popular culture as an iconic red vehicle. Furthermore, this is not the first time Mayweather Jr. has shown off his collection. The boxer previously went viral for his car collection, which he says numbers over 100, with videos in 2019 and 2021. What do you think of Mayweather's collection? Let us know in the comments. Follow all the latest sports and lifestyle news here at HotNewHipHop.


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