Latto Hits 1 Billion Streams On Spotify

The artist has beat her personal record.

BYCaroline Fisher
Latto Hits 1 Billion Streams On Spotify

Columbus, Ohio rapper Latto AKA Big Latto, has reached 1 billion streams of her music on Spotify. Our Generation Music shared a post on Instagram celebrating the 24-year-old's accomplishment yesterday.

Latto performed at Pharrell's Something In The Water music festival in April. The MC also performed at Coachella this year, where she reportedly shaded fellow rapper Nicki Minaj. Although she never mentioned Minaj by name, she said “Pussy hoe, let a bitch know, we tired of the subtweets this year,” while exiting the stage. Tension between the two women began last year when Minaj posted a Tweet In April about her song being moved out of the rap category, claiming that if her song doesn't qualify as rap then neither does Latto's. She responded by texting Minaj. She wrote, "I don’t think you need to bring my name/song up to prove a point.”

Latto Breaks A Personal Record

Latto responded by texting Minaj. She wrote, "I don’t think you need to bring my name/song up to prove a point.” Minaj posted the text conversation on Twitter, calling Latto a "Karen" and saying she "probably mentioned my name in over 100 interviews." She criticized the young rapper for staying silent instead of "[speaking] up for the black woman she called her biggest inspiration." In an interview with Billboard in February, Latto shared her thoughts on the Twitter beef. She said, "It’s difficult navigating through situations like that because there’s a disconnect." Adding, "It’s disappointing. You just got to take it to the chin and keep pushing."

Her drama with Nicki Minaj is not the only beef she's gotten into lately. In February, VVSNCE called the performer out on Instagram, claiming that comments the artist made in a Billboard interview were false. She said that Latto said, "I don’t work with new female artists," claiming those to be her "EXACT words." VVSNCE shared DMs exchanged between the two of them, where Latto tells VVSNCE that she "coulda just asked [her] wassup." There were also reports in March of the singer getting into a fight with Doechii backstage at Billboard's Women In Music awards ceremony. The fight was said to have stemmed from Doechii mentioning Nicki Minaj in her speech. In April, Coi Leray called Latto out on Twitter for body shaming her in one of her songs. Coi Leray wrote, “Please do not come on here and talk about nobody BODY. Lol like seriously."


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