Harry Mack is best known for freestyling at tourists on Venice Beach and Hollywood Boulevard. He just caught his big break: on yesterday’s episode of The Cruz Show on Power 106, he delivered an incredible freestyle live on the air in front of a very impressed Joey Bada$$.

Mack never missed a beat as Joey tossed him phrases like “assimilate,” “black guys,” and “Mr. Robot.” Some highlights:

  • Chemist: “My lyrics all be tight / And I’m the freestyle chemist like Walter White.”
  • Sending nudes: “Sending nudes / that’s something school teachers really can’t do.”
  • Pro Era: “Pro Era, Mack bring terror, that’s where you’ll find me / Yo, Joey Bada$$, can Pro Era sign me?”

Joey was clearly enjoying it the whole way through “He’s swift with it,” he remarked after Mack was finished. “Sharp… He’s real off the top. I fuck with cuz.” Mack called the freestyle “one of the greatest moments of my life” on his Instagram account.

Check out Harry Mack’s freestyle below.

Harry Mack

Joey Bada$$ Impressed By YouTube Rapper Harry Mack