30 Best Boxing Knockouts Of The Last 30 Years

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13+ minutes of all-time knockouts.

In celebration of Showtime Championship Boxing’s 30th anniversary, they've compiled 30 of the most dramatic and memorable knockouts, from Thomas Hearn’s first round knockout on James Shuler in 1986 to Deontay Wilder’s KO of Artur Szpilka earlier this year.

The sport of boxing might have taken a backseat to the UFC and the more entertaining fights that are featured on MMA cards over the years, but reflecting on these 30 KOs, including vicious jabs and heavy haymakers from legends like Holyfield, Tyson and Trinidad bring you right back into the sport's heyday.

13+ minutes of devastating all-time knockouts for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.


30 Best Boxing Knockouts Of The Last 30 Years
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