Gucci Mane Taps Roddy Ricch & Nardo Wick For Single "Pissy"

Gucci returns with another banger.

BYNoah Grant

A few days ago, Gucci Mane announced that he would be releasing a new single. From the teaser, it seemed to be hinting at the return of his old style. The single, titled "Pissy," features Roddy Richh and Nardo Wick, and a teaser visual for the song was recently posted on Gucci Mane's Instagram account. The clip included a sample from one of his hit songs, "Lemonade." It also showed a transition from the original 2009 yellow-themed video to a more modern version featuring Roddy Ricch and Nardo Wick. Fans were excited about the possibility of the sample and left comments expressing their enthusiasm using lemon emojis.

The "Pissy" teaser wasn't the first time that Gucci Mane has hinted at a return to form. He gave a glimpse of this in March with a teaser for his latest single "06 Gucci" featuring 21 Savage and DaBaby. In it, he recreated an old look by wearing an Atlanta Braves Jersey. The 17-year gap between the old and new looks was refreshing and showed the rapper's growth. Interestingly, the "Pissy" release follows the same promotional strategy as the previous one.

Is "Pissy" Gucci Mane's Return To Form?

The unexpected collaboration between Gucci Mane, Roddy Ricch, and Nardo Wick is a welcome surprise in the hip-hop scene of 2023. Gucci's latest track, "Pissy," showcases his tough demeanor as he raps about his luxurious lifestyle, cruising in a yellow car with a beautiful woman and adorned with yellow diamonds. "Big yellow Cuban on and it's pissy / Walk big blue stones, like I'm Nipsey," Gucci raps. "I pop champagne, 'til I'm tipsy / Still be spendin' Ms in my sixties."

As some listeners have pointed out, Roddy Ricch carries the song. It may technically be Gucci Mane's song, but Roddy really delivers the goods. In fact, listening to it without knowing what it is, one could be forgiven for thinking Gucci is the feature. Regardless, it's a banger. The trio also released a music video along with the track. It features the three rappers showing off their lavish lifestyles, with thick Cuban chains and huge pendants. What do you think of Gucci Mane's new single? Let us know in the comments!

Quotable Lyrics:

Takin' all facts, Grandma raised me
I'm from the Westside, where it get sticky
And my four wheels come with road kiss
I got Elliott, like I'm Missy

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