Boosie Badazz Reacts To Webbie's Crop Top Outfit

Boosie was not feeling the fit.

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Boosie Badazz has a lot of extremely strong opinions that he isn't afraid to express. Generally, he's always got a tough exterior on. However, that wasn't the case when he found out that he beat cancer. In a very emotional post, Boosie spoke freely about his feelings on the matter. "CANCER FREE! GOD [is] GREAT, BUT HE [TESTS] YOUR FAITH ALL THE TIME!” he tweeted. However, the rapper found out some not-so-great news at the same time. Since he had last seen him, Boosie's cancer doctor had passed away without him knowing.

The Louisiana native took some time to say some kind words about the late doctor. “Thank [you], Dr. Wood, for always making me laugh when I was down. [You] were the best," Boosie said. "I remember you rubbin my head when I was cryin before surgery. You ask me why I was crying n I told U I was thinkin about all the wrong I’ve done n my life n you said Mr. Boosie, God forgives." It appears that Dr. Wood's kind encouragement will stick with Boosie even though the doctor has passed.

Boosie Can't Co-Sign The Crop Fit

In a new clip from VladTV, Boosie provided his opinion on fellow rapper Webbie's fit. The picture of Webbie, which is from a photoshoot, shows him in a crop top with exposed underwear. As anyone who follows Boosie knows, he has very strong opinions on anything that comes across as slightly feminine on a man. At least that's what can be inferred from previous comments he's made. This time was no different; however, he did at least try to give Webbie the benefit of the doubt.

"Players f*ck up. Players f*ck up all the time. I was pissed. He was showing his tattoo bro!" Boosie says, sounding annoyed. He goes on to say that he had to turn his phone off after he saw it. "Webbie, bro. I had to turn my phone off. He just slipped, bro," the rapper continued. "He do that every concert. I don't know why the f*ck they took the picture like that." What do you think of Boosie's opinion on Webbie's look? Would you rock a crop top? Let us know in the comments!

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