At age 67, legendary actress Meryl Streep shows no signs of retiring from the spotlight. In fact, she’s been nothing short of a pop culture sensation in 2017. She sent Trump into a Twitter meltdown after calling out his bullying behavior while accepting a lifetime achievement award at the Golden Globes. The Internet loved her for that, so it’s not too surprising that she’s become the face of the web’s hottest new meme. 

It all started with a picture of Meryl cheering loudly — using both hands around her mouth as an amplifier — at an award show. One social media savant captured the moment and decided that Streep looked as though she was belting out her favorite rap lyric, and hence, a meme was born. The funniest memes are the ones involving call-and-response rap lyrics that we’re all familiar with. In 2017, the whole party still knows just what to yell in unison once Nelly asks the timeless question, “Oh why must I feel this way?”

Here are all the memes in which Meryl goes the hardest.

Meryl Streep

The 15 Best Meryl Streep Rapping Memes On The Internet