Just as the Golden State Warriors’ championship parade kicked off in downtown Oakland, LeBron James shared a couple of posts on instagram to show all of his 31 million followers that he was already back in the gym preparing for next season.

Although, it looks like he’s still keeping up with the Warriors parade in between sets. 

When the Cavs won the NBA title last year, LeBron showed up in Cleveland wearing an “Ultimate Warrior” shirt, and Draymond Green has been waiting ever since then to get him back with a trolling t-shirt of his own.


Draymond’s “Quickie” t-shirt, a reference to the Cavs’ Quicken Loans Arena and how quickly the Warriors were able to dethrone the Cavs in the NBA Finals this year, didn’t go unnoticed by LeBron.

LBJ shared a photo of Draymond wearing the shirt with a caption that reads, “….That’s what she said, HUH?!?!?!?”

Shortly after, Draymond clapped back on IG as well. 

Check out the IG posts below. 

LeBron James Comments On Draymond Green's "Quickie" T-Shirt
LeBron James Comments On Draymond Green's "Quickie" T-Shirt