Jamie Foxx Movies: Here Are His Best Roles

From biopic "Ray" to action-packed "Django Unchained," what's your favorite Jamie Foxx movie?

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Celebrated actor Jamie Foxx has been entertaining audiences for more than three decades. Seamlessly transitioning between comedian, musician, producer, and award-winning actor, his time in the spotlight has been both memorable and impactful. From sitcoms to big-budget blockbusters, Foxx's impressive list of credits has also earned him critical acclaim and multiple awards. With his box office gross clocking in at over $7 billion, he's certainly proven to be one of the highest-grossing stars of our time. So, when it comes to rating Foxx's best work, the conversation could go on forever. To bring some clarity to this debate, we've made a list ranking Jamie Foxx Movies and his best roles.

7. Willie Beamen -Any Given Sunday (1999)

Sports films are commonplace, but occasionally one emerges that stands above the rest. Oliver Stone's Any Given Sunday is a prime example of this - a grandiose pop culture extravaganza full of vibrant editing, ferocity, cussing, and sensuality in equal measure. Though it may not qualify as high-brow artistry, it does make for an entertaining experience. Jamie Foxx turned heads with his performance as Willie "Steamin" Beamen; his character traverses the most significant transformation throughout the picture. From a volatile rookie QB who vomits at his first game to a man humbly taking instructions from those above him, Jamie puts on a stunning show and launches himself onto the A-list - from In Living Color to Booty Call to blockbuster director collaborations. This, then, is one of the breakthroughs of Jamie Foxx movies.

6. Bats - Baby Driver (2017)

A fast-paced heist film follows Baby (Ansel Elgort), a getaway driver in debt to the underworld's mastermind, Doc (Kevin Spacey), after stealing his goods. In search of liberation from a life of crime with his beloved Debora (Lily James), Baby attempts to escape but is cornered by Bats (Jamie Foxx), one of Doc's henchmen. This two-decades-long project of visionary director Edgar Wright has seen Foxx bring electrifying energy to the role of the unpredictable criminal. A cool action movie with an incredible soundtrack and nail-biting car chases, it wrapped its audience up in an ever-engaging plotline.

5. Walter McMillan - Just Mercy (2019)

The 2010s gave rise to countless films, but one of the most overlooked and underappreciated is Just Mercy. This powerful legal drama tells the true story of Walter McMillan (Jamie Foxx), an inmate on death row wrongfully sentenced to life in prison for murder. Despite stellar performances from Michael B. Jordan, Brie Larson, and Foxx, the movie failed to make a splash at the box office. It's an absolute tragedy that more people have not experienced this raw and emotional journey.

4. Electro -Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021)

Spider-Man: No Way Home was a huge hit upon its release, far exceeding expectations. The film wove together aspects of prior home-world movies to deliver a thrilling multiverse experience. Electro (portrayed by Jamie Foxx) has also gone from being the bane of 2014's The Amazing Spider-Man 2 to one of the MCU's greatest villains. His blue-hued attire and playful persona have been replaced with an exciting and comic-abiding costume. Although the centerpiece is watching three versions of the iconic web-slinger come together, Foxx provided an essential part of the success.

3. Ray Charles - Ray (2004)

Ray, a biopic focusing on the life of the legendary musician Ray Charles, stars Jamie Foxx. Further, the movie covers Charles' rise to fame over 30 years as a rhythm and blues artist. Blinded at seven, Charles narrates his experience while touring with various bands and struggling with drug addiction. The film was also critically acclaimed and earned Foxx a string of awards, including an Academy Award for Best Actor, Golden Globe, and Critics' Choice. Foxx also expertly captures Charles' personality, bringing insight and power to the portrayal of an iconic figure.

2. Max - Collateral (2004)

The accolades earned by Jamie Foxx in 2004 are astounding. His electrifying biopic, Ray, snagged him an Academy Award, but it was not even his best performance that year. Also released in 2004 was Collateral, a pulse-pounding tale of a hitman, Vincent (Tom Cruise), who hires a cab driver (Jamie Foxx) for the night. Furthermore, Foxx's nomination for Best Supporting Actor at the 77th Academy Awards is evidence of the impact of this film. It is rare for an actor to be nominated for two Oscars in one calendar year. Although he didn't win an award for his work on the thriller, being shortlisted twice in the same year is a remarkable accomplishment.

1. Django - Django Unchained (2012)

Django Unchained is Jamie Foxx's most notable big-screen feat in every way. Despite not reaching the same box office success or garnering an Oscar nomination, its critically-acclaimed quality and his strong leading performance render it a massive hit. The movie would not have made such an effect without Foxx's talent, further complemented by its noteworthy narrative. The classic Quentin Tarantino zingers are full of expletives and frantic one-liners, plus remarkable cinematography that few Westerns can match save for perhaps other famed Tarantino films and also making it one of best Jamie Foxx movies.

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