Donald Trump Interviewed On Full Send Podcast

The controversial podcast looks to have hosted the former president.

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Donald Trump Interviewed On Full Send Podcast

Former president Donald Trump has been in the news practically every day since he took office. Unfortunately, things have not been looking great for him recently. His indictment by a New York grand jury no doubt has him scrambling for any good publicity he can possibly get. However, the further down the conspiracy rabbit hole the former president goes, the less people in the mainstream media want to do with him. Although Trump still has supporters, his numbers seem to be dwindling. As such, he needs to get his name back out there any way he can. Now, he looks to have joined the ranks of other controversial guests on Full Send Podcast.

Full Send Podcast is a popular show hosted by Nelk, a group of Canadian internet personalities. They were known for their comedic videos on YouTube. In the podcast, Nelk members Jesse Sebastiani, Kyle Forgeard, and Lucas Gasparini discuss a variety of topics, share stories, and bring in guests. The podcast covers areas such as their adventures, experiences in the entertainment industry, comedy, sports, and pop culture. Known for its humor and sometimes controversial content, the Full Send Podcast has gained a large following among Nelk fans and beyond. The podcast often plays host to polarizing guests like Donald Trump, Jr, Ben Shapiro, and now former President Trump himself.

Trump On Full Send: Publicity Stunt Or Platform?

As a former President of the United States and a controversial figure in politics, Donald Trump's appearance as a guest on the Full Send Podcast would likely generate significant attention. The former president is well-known for his outspoken and unfiltered style. As such, Trump's presence on the podcast would likely result in an engaging and lively conversation. Trump could potentially share insights and stories about his time in politics. However, given the polarizing nature of Trump's political career, his appearance on the Full Send Podcast would likely also spark debate and discussion among listeners, with opinions ranging from excitement to criticism.

A picture of the Full Send Podcast hosts posing with Trump was posted online. In the photo, each of them smiling with a thumbs up. This calls into question what type of interview we might be looking at here. Are the hosts planning to ask the former president difficult questions? Or are they there simple to let him speak his piece? It could also be a huge publicity stunt. The real question is whether or not we should be expanding the platform of a person like Trump to begin with. What do you think about the news? Will you listen to the former president's interview on the podcast? Let us know in the comments!

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