The valiant bull who escaped a slaughterhouse and was loose in the NYC streets for two and a half hours this morning has died, according to NYPD officials. 

It look a legion of pigs to finally detain the runaway bull, who shocked pedestrians as he scampered up and down the streets of Jamaica and Ozone Park in Queens.

A marvelous Chopper 4 video shows the black bull dodging pedestrians, officers, and multiple police cars. One cop jumped onto the roof of his vehicle as the bull ran past him and then underneath a band of caution tape that stretched across the whole street. The bull proceeds to sidestep two more attempted police blockades and is seen running freely on a main road when the clip ends. 

In the above video, the bull already has a few tranquilizer darts lodged into his side, though his flight does not appear to be hindered. The creature was hit with at least a dozen darts, reports NBC New York. It seems the darts were able to have their desired effect at about 12:30 PM, as the bull finally settled down in a patch of grass in someone’s backyard, where he was quickly surrounded and tied down by a group of officers.

The animal was declared dead shortly before 2:30 PM. The cause of death has not been revealed at this time. According to officials, the corpse was taken to a crematorium. 

Though the bull’s miraculous escape ended tragically, he should be lionized for rejecting his fate as a New York strip and going out like a hero. 


The Runaway Bull Who Evaded Police For Hours In NYC Has Died