Lance Reddick’s Family Disputes Cause Of Death

Lance Reddick’s family has called his listed cause of death “wholly incosistent.”

BYBen Mock
Lance Reddick’s Family Disputes Cause Of Death

Lance Reddick's sudden death at the age of 60 in March sent shockwaves across the entertainment industry. The actor, known for roles in shows such as Fringe and The Wire was mourned by colleagues and fans alike. He was praised for his work ethic, easiness to work with, and belief that there was no role too small. Tributes included the unique sight of the character he voiced in Destiny 2 being swarmed by players paying their respects.

Last week, TMZ published Lance Reddick's death certificate, which listed the actor's cause of death as coronary heart disease. Coronary heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in the United States, affecting over 18.2 million Americans. However, the news has not been accepted by everyone.

"Wholly Inconsistent" Cause Of Death

According to a statement to PEOPLE, Lance Reddick's family is disputing the listed cause of death. "Lance was the most physically fit person I've ever known," the statement from Reddick's attorney James Hornstein read, "He exercised daily at his home gym, including extensive cardio work, and the availability of gym facilities was a contractual requirement for his work away from home. He ate as if a dietician was monitoring his every meal. The information appearing on the death certificate is wholly inconsistent with his lifestyle." Hornstein also noted that he believed the cause of death was not determined as a result of an autopsy. "The coroner statement on the death certificate is not a result of an autopsy. No autopsy was performed on Lance. To my knowledge, no medical examination of Lance during his lifetime ever indicated such conditions"

Hornstein's statement did not indicate what next steps the family would be taking. Additional medical examinations would depend on whether Reddick was cremated or not. TMZ's original report indicated that he was, but Hornstein declined to remark on the matter. Furthermore, while autopsies can be requested by the family of the deceased, they are performed at the discretion of the medical examiner. Regardless of the course of action Reddick's family decides to take, it is clear that the news concerning his cause of death has been deeply upsetting.


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