It was inevitable that the latest reports surrounding Ja Morant would be discussed on Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless’s Undisputed. The Grizzlies’ point guard’s behavior off the court raised eyebrows throughout the past several months. He emerged as one of the leading players in the NBA but his actions are undoubtedly questionable. Sharpe previously warned Ja Morant to clean up his act, especially for an individual whose talents prevented him from diving into the streets. “I wish Ja would realize he’s not a thug,” Sharpe said earlier this month. “You’re not about that life! No one looks at you and thinks you’re hood. Stop pretending!!”

On Wednesday, reports emerged claiming Ja Morant threatened a 17-year-old during a pick-up game and a mall security guard in a separate incident. Morant allegedly flashed a gun during a pick-up game and punched the teen repeatedly last summer. He hasn’t publicly responded to the claims. Still, many individuals, such as Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless, expressed their disappointment in his overall behavior and lack of professionalism when he isn’t on the NBA court.

Shannon Sharpe & Skip Bayless Chime aIn 

On the latest episode of Undisputed, Sharpe passionately slammed Morant for “hustling backward.” Shannon Sharpe explained that Morant’s done the opposite of what an actual gangster does when they get legitimate money. He brought up infamous gangsters like John Gotti — while Skip mentioned fictional mobster Tony Soprano — who remained lowkey publicly. “Skip, he portrays something that he’s not,” Sharpe told Skip Bayless. “I don’t get Ja. He’s hustling backward.”

Meanwhile, Skip Bayless reflects on the moments involving Ja Morant that “disturbed” him, including allegations that his friends pointed a red laser at the Pacers’. He explained that the common thread between the altercations with the 17-year-old, the security guard, and the Pacers incident is the individuals surrounding him – echoing a sentiment Sharpe said in the past. Bayless explained that Ja’s friends are dragging him down before Sharpe interjected to double down on claims that Morant’s pretending to be something that he’s not. Check out Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless’s discussion surrounding the reports on Ja Morant above.