How Many Kids Does NBA Youngboy Have?

NBA Youngboy announced the birth of his tenth child in September.

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At only 22 years old, Youngboy Never Broke Again, also known as NBA Youngboy, is undoubtedly one of the most relevant names in hip-hop. The controversial MC is best-known for his rapid flows and melodic tunes. He released his most recent album, 'I Rest My Case,' at the outset of the calendar year. Blending elements of trap and soul, the Baton Rouge-born MC is well-known for his clockwork output. In 2022, he released a staggering eight full-length projects. YB's notoriety in the industry became especially notable after his feature on Tyler, the Creator's 'Call Me If You Get Lost.' His melodic verse fitting so well in the soul-based "Wusyaname" shocked fans and critics alike.

The new calendar year has ushered in a new era for YB. Releasing feature-less project 'I Rest My Case' to kick off the year, the record debuted with a top 10 placement on the Billboard 200 chart. The project brought in his lowest album sales since the beginning of his career. However, it still represented positive momentum for the soft-spoken rapper. YB has already announced his second project of the year, 'Don't Try This at Home.' In a recent interview, he stated that his intent was to "talk his sh*t" on the project. Additionally, he announced Never Broke Again Sports Management in January. He's continuing to live up to his name as one of the hardest workers in the industry.

YB is well-known for his Antics Outside the Studio

ARapper NBA YoungBoy performs onstage during Lil Baby & Friends concert to promote the new release of Lil Baby's new album "Street Gossip". (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

NBA Youngboy has recently garnered headlines for antics outside of the booth. It's been reported that he currently has up to 10 children with seven different baby mamas. He had first child, Kayden Gaulden, at the ripe age of 16. Over the next 6 years, he would have 9 more children, consisting of 6 sons and 4 daughters. Back in September, he announced the birth of his tenth child with an engagement ring for the child's mother, Jazlyn Michelle. Their second child, the two announced their formal marriage in January. After years of running around, one would assume that YB tying the knot would signify a more stable future.

It's no wonder the MC's output is so high, as he'll be responsible for paying child support for each and every one of his (so far) ten children throughout his lifetime. Not only well-known for his personal discography, he's also featured on numerous chart-topping tracks. Most recently, he delivered a nasty verse on Yeat's 'Afterlyfe.' Whether it's his baby mamas fighting or YB feeling disenfranchised from his kids, the situation has created an unsurprising amount of controversy.

More recently, NBA Youngboy took to Instagram to vent about the constant discussion surrounding his personal life. He also shared his distaste for many of his baby mamas. Referencing a potential disconnect between himself and his children, he stated "ain't no coming back into my life until they're old enough to deal with me on their own." It seems that the Atlantic rapper (at least temporarily) has cut ties with his kids as tensions rise.

NBA Youngboy Leads an Expensive, Complex Lifestyle

It's no secret that YB lives an expensive lifestyle. From the McLaren GT to the Tesla Model S, he's collected a significant car collection. He's certainly not shy to showcase his jewelry on social media. However, YB hasn't been able to take advantage of his car collection over the past few years. This is due to being on and off probation. Charged with aggravated assault with a firearm, he certainly hasn't had his shortage of controversies. Yet, this incident wasn't his first run-in with law. He was arrested for robbery at only 15-years old. He would serve 6 months in a juvenile detention center before he rap career would soon take off.

NBA Youngboy's life choices have been the source of plenty of controversy on the Internet. The soft-spoken rapper has been accused by some of being irresponsible and foolish., while others hail him for his warm personality and personal growth over the past few years. After his hit collaboration with Tyler, the Creator, Tyler openly spoke about his relationship with YB his debut concert for 'Call Me If You Get Lost' back in 2021, stating "he's such a sweetheart, dude. We kicked it a few times. People think he's evil. No, he's fun."

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