DDG Addresses Rubi Rose Beef On "Way Too Petty," Claps Back At Halle Bailey Fans Hating

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After weeks of drama for the couple, fans of the R&B singer are begging her to move on from her rapper beau.

The drama continues. If you thought DDG was done addressing the accusations Rubi Rose threw his way earlier this month, you're wrong. After vehemently denying cheating on his girlfriend, Halle Bailey, the Michigan native has been regularly reminding Twitter precisely what it is that makes him such a great boyfriend. He's made it clear that he wants to continue his relationship with the R&B starlet, though fans are becoming less and less sure they're the perfect match.

Previously, the "Elon Musk" artist spoke about the situation in a YouTube vlog, which many viewers saw as a satisfactory explanation. Many also noted that Bailey made a brief appearance in the video, seemingly proving that their union hasn't been tarnished as many outside spectators assume. Like any creative though, he also had to turn his pain into art, doing so in the form of a new single called "Way Too Petty" that arrived on Friday (February 24).

DDG Thinks Rubi Rose is "Way Too Petty"

Throughout his new track, DDG explicitly calls out Rose for attempting to expose him with screenshots of their alleged DMs. "Hoes screenshotting, that shit lame / Keep her on the side, she could never be my main," he cooly rhymes. "She just wanna make it, she be f*cked for the fame / Posting pictures naked, baby, you should be ashamed." Later on in the single, he also addresses his ex's recent tweet about his current girlfriend wearing her old shirt.

"Tell them n*ggas do they research. I could fall off and come right back like it’s rebirth. Don’t believe the internet, it’s not that bitches t-shirt," he cautions listeners, telling his side of the story. While her post at the time made it sound as though the Kentucky native had a problem with Bailey, she made it clear at the time that there was no beef between the two women. DDG, on the other hand, she chiefly called a "weirdo" for all of Twitter to see.

Halle Bailey Fans Come to the Rescue, DDG Responds

As the YouTuber continues to air out his drama for all of the internet to see, many of The Little Mermaid actresses' fans are encouraging her to walk away from the relationship. "Halle get back in that sea and find another fish baby," one Instagram user joked. "Is he trying to ruin her career?" another asked in wake of DDG's latest controversial single. He's clearly gotten wind of the critics and in a since-deleted tweet, he explained to them exactly why Bailey's still standing beside him.

"'Why tf she still fw him?' I got a mean d*ck," he explicitly wrote, only bringing in further backlash. As one comment on @theneighborhoodtalk's post points out, "[DDG] is comfortable with [Halle] now and showing them true colours. She needs to run 'cause the red flags are red flagging." Do you think the "Way Too Petty" song and the rapper's deleted tweet are strong enough cause for a breakup? Sound off in the comments, and check back later for more pop culture news.

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