Melii Releases Gorgeous New Song "14 Daze"

Melii's sexy new release shows off her unmatched capabilities as an artist.

BYDiya Singhvi

Harlem-based artist Melii takes it extra slow in her sultry new drop "14 Daze." The rapper and singer has proven her extra versatile musicality in this single, which is a shift from her usual hard-hitting rap hits. "14 Daze" is a soft and romantic track that showcases an up-front desire for a new lover. As Melii's first drop of 2023, revealing how she's ready to take her musical career to the next level. The bilingual singer kicks it back in "14 Daze," leaving listeners in awe of her sensual chords.

As a Valentine's Day release, the romantic undertones of "14 Daze" certainly fit the mood of the holiday of love. Melii continues to show off her ability to transform her lyrics and voice to suit any mood. In a 2022 interview with AllHipHop, Melii reflected on her shift from rapper to singer. "I never wanted to be boxed in" she explained "Being that I could release the slow stuff, to me it’s a relief type of thing." Needless to say, Melii holds a strong desire for sticking to her gut when making artistic choices.

Melii Proves Her Versatility In "14 Daze"

The 25-year-old artist also mentioned how her audience jumps back and forth between labeling her as a "rapper" or "singer." Her response depicts her love for her music: "right now, I just want to be seen as an artist. I want to go into rock and roll if I want to. I want to be able to do whatever I want." Evidently, Melii values freedom of creation. As a bilingual lyric connoisseur, Melii has certainly shown her ability to break out of the status quo in order to showcase the truest form of her artistry.

"14 Daze" is another representation of Melii's vulnerable connection to music. She sings passionately, "I wanna keep my guard up, but I put it down just for you." Her emotional and vibey new track is currently available to stream, so check it out and let us know what you think in the comments!

Quotable Lyrics:

I wanna link up wit you
I wanna lick and kiss up on your tattoos
I don't wanna fight I call a truce
I just wanna vibe get lit high wit you 
I wanna pull up and still be for you 
Ay tell me the truth do you feel it too?

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