Ciara Previews New Girl Power Song, Gets Trolled For Being Happily Married

Can her song really empower single women if she's happily married?

BYDiya Singhvi
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The angelic voice of Ciara finally graces our ears again. The R&B singer took to Instagram yesterday to tease a new release. She posted a relaxed inside look of her in the studio, with a sneak peek of a dreamy tune she's been developing. Titled "For Da Girls," the song alludes to independent single babes living their best lives.

Although the message of the "For Da Girls" anthem resonates with many fans, many of whom have shown their excitement for the song in the comment section, some have trolled the mother-of-three for the lyrics. With lyrics like "this is for the girls that don't need no man" implying empowerment for the single lifestyle, the irony remains that Ciara is happily married.

Ciara's New Song Is For The Single Girls

In 2015, Ciara started dating the Denver Broncos football quarterback Russell Wilson, and the pair tied the knot just a year later. Together they have two kids, and frequently showcase their happy marriage via cute Instagram photos. Ciara and Russell have made several talk show appearances together, with Jimmy Kimmel Live and TheEllenShow within the last year. The iconic duo have even written and published a children's book together... talk about teamwork! Yet, Ciara seems to be under fire for creating an independent girl anthem when her relationship with Russell seems to be lovey-dovey. However, haters seem to forget that the 37-year-old's success came long before her marriage.

Ciara first made a significant splash into the music scene as a teen and has since grown her personal brand. The "Level Up" singer is also a Grammy Award winner and continues to maintain relevancy despite the industry's evolving needs. Ciara's fans were quick to defend her backlash. One Twitter user responded to the trolls saying, "Why people are saying Ciara is pushing the single women agenda. she is not at all. It’s just y’all are a bit ignorant. She’s saying don’t be relying on no man, she didn’t say don’t get married. these are two different things. open your minds." Have an opinion on Ciara's new track? Share it with us in the comments below!

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